Our projects

Southern Youth in Motion (finished)

SYiM means "Southern Youth in Motion". All kind of performances were presented by the youth who lives in northern Ontario in Ryerson University.

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FLI Records (finished)

FLI Records strives to not just be another record label, but a beacon of hope to high risk Aboriginal youth in remote northern communities.

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Youth Voices of Neskantaga (finished)

We worked hard with the community to organize an Arts and Music Festival with musical performances and visual art displays from local bands and performers and playful popsicle-stick creations by the children on display.

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Why Choose Us

All actions in the partnership are driven by/for/with Indigenous community members.
Throughout the processes of creating networks and sharing information, we support the healing process of our community members.

Who We Are

If you are able to contribute financially, please visit our Canada Helps giving page They say it takes a village to raise a child. But what’s required to raise that child out of Third World conditions of poverty? We believe it takes a partnership.

  • North-South Partnership for Children is a dynamic collaboration between philanthropic organizations, universities, and private citizens in Southern Ontario and thirty remote First Nations communities in northwestern Ontario.
  • The objective is to find out what’s needed – in skills building, in donations, in friendship – to open pathways of hope for the young people.
  • Find out more about who the Partners are, what our First Nations communities are like, and how you can help by browsing this site.

About Us

Sharing with gratitude, respect, traditional teachings, Aboriginal culture, language, Elders, the four elements of being, Aboriginal rights, trust and accountability, and participation are the Partnership's values. The Partnership has no religious or political affiliations.

A future where children, youth and families in the remote First Nation communities have their basic needs met and gain opportunities to achieve their full potential while embracing their culture and heritage as Aboriginal people.

The North-South Partnership for Children responds to the identified needs of children, youth, families and communities in the remote First Nations; builds caring and supportive relationships between voluntary organizations and individuals in the south and the northern First Nations people; secures resources from voluntary sector organizations, individuals, the corporate sector and other funding bodies in order to meet basic needs and provide programs, training, and other forms of support.

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